welcome back!

I'm back.

A couple of years ago I found out about some plugins for Adobe Lightroom that would let you develop, edit and maintain an entire website from within LR itself.

I thought it was great.

It was very, very difficult to develop. The plugins, though powerful, were not polished at all. Documentation was miserably poor. If it weren't for one "super user" who published a regular blog about how to use these plugins, I don't think I would have ever gotten my site fully functional. Simply trying to figure out how to increase the border size of images in a gallery took me hours.

Then, after less than a year, the developer abandoned the plugins and introduced an online web page builder. It was new, green, lacking functionality and full of bugs. There were no discounts offered to the unfortunate people who spent a lot of money on the plugins. So, with such a negative experience, I just kind of gave up.

I was stuck with plugins that had no support and no hope for getting better. My website became one of those "It's a mess, I need to update it some day." sites. Cringe.

So check back here regularly for new content and blog posts.

I'm here to stay. Lessons learned.

- Jon