Wedding photography... fun and demanding!

I was asked by my friends Bill and Bill to photograph their wedding.  They had asked me several months ago so luckily I had plenty of time to prepare (panic) and learn and practice.

I watched at least 60 hours of online lessons. I've taken thousands of pictures over the last few months. I even practiced the "firm, but in a friendly way" techniques that are required for the larger group shots. And, to my surprise, I went into the weekend with a bit of confidence.

All things considered, I am very happy with the results. I ended up with about 250 deliverable photographs. And I only had to do 1 Photoshop "head swap" where my depth of field was too shallow for a certain posed shot.

I photographed the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception and then a wonderful "open house" that the couple held at their home after the reception.  And I will say that it was more demanding, physically, that I was prepared for.  Carrying a camera that weighs over 8 pounds (with fast lens, battery grip and flash) for 15 hours over 2 days is something I could have prepared for better.

But I'm happy with how the pictures turned out and that's a very big deal. I'm quite critical of my work. The "sneak preview" photos I put on the web were very well received by the couple, families and guests. Which is exactly what I wanted and all I could have asked for.

And what have I learned? First: be prepared physically. Second: have your digital workflow figured out and follow it to a "T". Especially when it comes to renaming files and organizing them in Lightroom. Also, drink more water, eat fewer sweets, and stop and stretch once in a while.

Many thanks to the couple Bill and Bill. And a deep bow of gratitude to Tony and Chelsea Northrup (Authors of the #1 photography book in the world.) and the "Stunning Digital Photography" community for all of the fantastic knowledge they have shared over the last 7 months.

Thanks, take good care. And follow your dreams. I did. And one just came true.