Finally! I'm ready. Um, I think...

I've been working on this website for over a month. Many hours of posting all of my favorite pictures, then removing the weak ones. Then removing more. Then rearranging. Enough fussing, just publish the site!

I'm going to finally submit this site to my teachers, Tony and Chelsea Northrup, for review. What you see here is the product of a book they wrote. Stunning Digital Photography. (It's the #1 photography book in the world, btw...) It changed my life. It took me from being a "shutterbug" using a point and shoot camera to a [wannabe] serious photographer. I use a DSLR now and I shoot in manual mode so I can control every aspect of the photograph. And I have finally learned to just delete the pictures that aren't great.

Tony's first quote from the book is "Take lots of pictures. Then delete most of them." I have deleted at least 95% of the shots I've taken since I read the book. That's a good thing. My eye is much more critical and I can see when a picture of mine just "doesn't work". I'm no longer willing to settle for "pretty good focus" or "mostly ok".

So this is the end of the trepidatious beginning; and the beginning of the confident future of photography in my life. Stay tuned. I hope to produce many more photographs that make you want to stop what you're doing and look.

And a big thanks to everyone for the support along the way.

And for those who know me, you will not be surprised to hear that, 5 minutes after I submitted my site for review, I redesigned the entire thing. That's so me!

- Jon