OK, I'm pretty thrilled about that!

This site was reviewed by my online teachers, Tony and Chelsea Northrup.  Their summary was basically "We really don't have any specific homework for Jon." And Chelsea used the coveted words "He nailed it."

I also got some good belly laughs about "the naked guy". (It's a picture of me with no shirt on, only showing from my collar bones up...) But it just made me laugh.

Here's the link to the review of my portfolio: (My site starts around 23:40)

I appreciate everyone's patience with my slight obsession with improving my photography.

It seems my obsession is just starting to gel into something tangible. I now have a photo website with enough good photos to impress my teachers. And 2 of my friends purchased prints of some of my photos. That's all I can ask for at this stage.

I do photography for 2 reasons: I love it and I want other people to be touched by my work. And to have people like some of my pictures enough to purchase them, well that's a very pleasant validation.

I am far from finished on this journey. As a matter of fact, I consider myself to have simply taken the very first few steps toward being a "serious" photographer. I hope you'll stay tuned as I continue on this path, a path that I'm very passionate about. I hope my passion shows when I post new photographs. And I hope you feel a bit of the passion, awe, and satisfaction that I feel when I open an image on my computer and say "Yes! That's a nice one!"

Take good care of yourselves and I hope you too can follow your passion. That's food for the soul.

Thanks to you all.